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Referral Program

We love recommendations! Every semester we receive many of our reservations through recommendations from past and current tenants. We have created this referral program to show our appreciation for recommending us. 


We will give you 50€ for each person that you recommend who completes the booking process with us. This offer is cumulative so you can recommend as many people as you'd like and we will send you 50€ for each confirmed reservation


How it works: 

1. This program is only open to all of our past and current tenants (anyone with a confirmed reservation) and only applies to reservations made on or after June 28th, 2019.


2. We will give you 50€ every time someone referred by you confirms their room reservation with us for reservations during the school year (contracts A, B or C). *


3. The person making the reservation must specify that they were referred to us by you before they make the reservation identifying you with your email address (the one stated in your room rental contract). They can do this by sending us an email to or by clicking the "Book Now" button on the website and filling out the reservation form. 


4. When someone referred by you completes a reservation we will send you an email to let you know. In the same email we will ask you for your bank details to send you the transfer.  **

5. You can recommend as many people as you'd like and we will keep sending you the 50€ reward for every confirmed reservation.


6. Only one reward will be issued per reservation.

7. This program only applies to current or past tenants who recommend us to new tenants. You can not refer us to current or past tenant or contract extensions and you can not refer yourself. We reserve the right to not accept reservations if the person or people referred do not meet the profile that we look for. The referral program does not apply to a person who takes over your contract if you leave early. 

* Please note that a reservation is only confirmed after the new tenant sends the reservation payment either through the website, bank transfer, bank card or Paypal. Keep in mind that the reservations done by bank transfer are not confirmed until the bank transfer arrives to our bank account which might take a few working days. Reservations for any other periods of time other than contracts A, B and C or reservation that have any other conditions or discounts are not eligible for the referral program. 

** All transfers sent within Europe will be sent in Euros and there are currently no bank fees associated with the transfer. All transfers sent to bank accounts in countries that do not use the Euro will be sent by Transferwise in the country's corresponding currency. There are currently no bank fees associated with this transfer. Any other transfer to countries not supported by Transferwise may have transfer fees depending on the country. There may be changes in fees related to the transfer that are out of our control and these fees will be deducted from the 50€ reward.   

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