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How to Reserve a Room


Step 1: Choose a Contract and Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Choose one of the following contracts:

    • Contract A September 1st to January 31st

    • Contract B February 1st to June 30th

    • Contract C September 1st to June 30th

    • Contract D July 1st to August 31st

  • Deposit of one month's rent for all rooms. 

  • Be a student or young person coming to Madrid to work, study or do an internship.

  • Utilities are not included in the price of the rent and are +/- 40€ per person per month.

  • Reservation Fee 350€ is a one time, non refundable fee that is charged at the time the reservation is made.If the 350€ will be used as part of the deposit, it is also not refundable.  

  • You will receive an electronic version of the contract to sign before the contract start date. The first month's rent needs to be sent by bank transfer before the first day of the start of the contract. 


Step 2: Contact us
  • Click on the green "Book Now!" button of the room that interests you and fill out the Reservation Form. 

  • Or, contact us by whatsapp at this number: +34 644 81 50 21 or by email at telling us the room you want to reserve.


Step 3: Finalize the reservation
  • Click "Submit and Pay" at the bottom of the reservation form. From there you will be sent to a page to make the 350€ reservation payment. 

  • Once we receive the payment the room will be reserved for you and ready when you arrive. You will also receive a confirmation email with all necessary information about your reservation. 

  • The deposit and the first month's rent are due 5 days prior to the contract start date.

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